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Day Porter Services

A CBS Day Porter, also known as a Porter, is typically stationed in the lobby of a commercial property to help with various daily needs. They typically are employed to greet people and to assist with light cleaning, upkeep and policing of public areas as may be dictated by the property or facility manager. The exact duties will depend on your specific needs and preferences as will be identified and defined in our agreement.

Most commercial plazas have outside sitting areas, trash bins, eating areas and heavily-used restrooms. A CBS Day Porter can help to make sure those areas are clean and usable. We will work with you to identify the most common chores needed. These things might include clearing trash receptacles or wiping down sitting and eating areas, sweeping away dirt and leaves in those areas, replacing toilet paper, wiping down mirrors and other general upkeep items throughout the day.

Multi-tenant buildings with common areas typically need a day porter service. Whereas commercial cleaning services will periodically come in and provide deep cleaning, heavy use throughout the day can really take a toll on common spaces. They don’t just magically take care of themselves. Day porters are the heroes behind the scenes that help maintain those areas during daytime hours. They do all the little daily tasks and chores that shouldn’t wait for the night cleaning team. For example, they might be posted at the front to greet people and help them with questions about the building. They might also be the one to clean up a coffee spill in the atrium, make sure the restrooms are always stocked and presentable, and maintain the lobbies, hallways and elevators should any small issues arise. They essentially function as a daytime cleaning and minor-repair person that keeps the facility clean and running throughout the day. Larger issues are typically handled by the janitorial service at night or by repair personnel.

Some common duties of Day Porters:

  • Greeting guests
  • Providing directions
  • Lobby, hallway & common area maintenance
  • Cleaning common areas including kitchens, patios and elevators
  • Policing entrance areas
  • Servicing restrooms
  • Removing trash
  • Setup & cleanup of meeting rooms
  • Helping to carry things
  • Assisting tenants or employees with small issues

Identifying Your Commercial Property's Needs

A day porter is essentially a “jack of all trades”. However, some Jacks are better at some trades than others. Therefore it is important to know what your primary needs will be. Do you want that person to be “on-call” for all your tenants? That could really limit their ability to do other things if they are busy serving the whims of the people in your office or building. Or maybe that is very important to your and your tenants. So, knowing what you expect out of your facility's day porter helps us to provide the type of individual best suited to the role. You should look at this person as an extension of your business. If you are still having a difficult time identifying what this person should be responsible for, we can help you. We have plenty of experience with what a variety of other facilities are doing and what they see as most beneficial.

Hiring Process

As CBS contracts this person to assist and represent you, we make sure they are fully vetted, interviewed and trained. We complete thorough background checks as well, so you are assured that you are getting the best.

Managing Your Building's Day Porter

Like everyone, without a clear definition of duties, a day porter can tend to gravitate toward the things they like doing the most and neglecting some of the lesser roles. They can also get caught up in doing too many chores for your tenants or staff and simply not have enough time to get to other things on their list. Perhaps they are unaware they are allowed to say “no” to a tenant, client, or staff request? Much of this can be identified in the service agreement, but your day porter is still just a person and cannot read minds. So, we encourage you to speak directly with them about any small issues you’ve identified before it becomes more serious. We also encourage you to reach out to us for any more serious issues or questions. It is our goal to make sure you are getting what you want out of our day porter services.

Ultimately, if an individual does not seem to be working out, we will replace them with another, better suited to your needs. We also make sure that you are covered with a temporary replacement should the porter get sick or be on vacation leave.

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