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Landscape Maintenance

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Yes, we do that too!

Gone are the days when you had to hire separate companies to handle your janitorial and landscape maintenance needs. Unlike most franchise-based cleaning companies, we are not limited in what we are allowed help you with. “Sorry, we don’t do that” isn’t a phrase you’ll hear from us. “Yes, we do that too” is most likely what we’ll say. And in the off-chance that it’s something we actually can’t do, you’ll hear us say “we’ll find the right people to get it done”. It’s our “Can do” attitude!

Let Us Enhance the Beauty of Your Commercial Property

Curb appeal is real! We understand the value in having your grass, trees, shrubs, and ground cover looking beautiful and well-maintained. When your landscape looks good, it makes employees feel good about coming to work, relieving stress, and providing a positive outlook. Tenants are willing to pay higher rents for a well-maintained landscape. Customers get a good feeling when visiting, making a positive impression. And a well-maintained landscape increases the overall value of your property.

Complete Landscape Care

We proactively take complete care of your landscaping, so you don’t have to. We aren’t just order takers. You shouldn’t have to walk around your outdoor space every week looking for problems or ideas. That’s our job. Our purpose is to work with you as a team. We leverage our experience to actively identify any issues and potential issues before they happen. If it’s something quick and easy, we’ll just handle it and note it in your online service portal. But if it requires additional time or money to handle, we’ll come to you with it and with our recommendations. We are also on the lookout for any landscape enhancements we believe would make your space more inviting or safer. Perhaps seasonal flowers out front? Maybe a limb is threatening your roof in the back of the building? Or maybe replacing a green area with a more water-friendly desert landscape might help you meet your environmental goals?

We Make Your Life Easier

The fact is, we are here to make your life easier and your property better. To effectively make that happen, we need to take our partnership seriously. After all, you are entrusting us with the beauty, safety, cleanliness and well-being of your building and grounds. You are also entrusting us with the safety, comfort and well-being of the people on your property. So, we make sure everything is running like clockwork on our end, while keeping you informed of everything. Hopefully, by taking these worries off your plate, your life becomes a little easier as well.

Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

We provide all the landscaping services the other businesses do, plus more!

  • Leaf & debris blowing & cleanup
  • Lawn mowing
  • Winter lawn overseeding
  • Weed prevention & elimination
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Tree & shrub fertilization
  • Pre-emergent application
  • Watering & drip system maintenance & installation
  • Tree trimming & removal
  • Olive tree spraying
  • Palm shaving
  • Hedge trimming
  • Pruning
  • Planting of flowers and shrubs
  • Transplanting of trees up to 24” box trees & shrubs
  • One-time clean-ups
  • Storm cleanup


These are some of the things we provide that other commercial landscaping companies don’t.

  • Curbing installation & repair
  • Paver installation
  • Concrete / cement slabs
  • Tree & stump removal
  • Plus more. Don’t see what you need? Ask us.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Do you offer one-time commercial landscaping services, or is it only offered on a regular basis?
    We offer one-time, seasonal, monthly, weekly, or daily landscape maintenance. We are here for you and provide the service schedule you want.
  • Do you offer landscape DESIGN services, or only maintenance services?
    We do not have a landscape architect on staff. However, we are highly knowledgeable about plants and trees, groundcover options and such, and have a “good-eye” for what might look / work best in most situations. We also provide removal and replacement services that should cover most of your needs.
  • Do you offer planting of flowers and other plants? To what extent?
    Yes, we offer planting services. We will plant everything from small flowers all the way up to 24” box trees and shrubs. And of course, we make sure everything is receiving water as necessary.
  • Is there a max height on tree trimming?
    We haven't come across something our landscapers cannot handle yet.
  • What is the frequency of the standard landscape maintenance service schedule?
    Most customers request our weekly service; however, this depends on the type of landscape you have. If you have a more desert landscape setup, you might only need monthly service or maybe twice a month. However, a large complex might need several services per week to make sure that all areas are being serviced properly.

As you can see, we offer complete landscape maintenance services for your property throughout the Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas, and San Diego areas. This service can be integrated with our other facility maintenance services or on its own. We are here for all your maintenance needs. Just contact us to get started!

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