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Commercial Painting from Touch-ups to Building Painting Services

At CBS, we understand that first impressions are important. That's why we offer a wide range of commercial painting services to help give your business a polished look that will impress customers and clients. Our team of experienced, professional painters will work with you to choose the right colors and finishes for your commercial project, and they'll take care to protect your property during the painting process. We know that your time is valuable, so we'll work efficiently to complete the paint project quickly and minimize disruptions to your business.

Routine Paint Touch-Ups

How many times has there been a mark on the wall that needed a simple “touch-up” but you didn’t want to hire an outside commercial painting company for such a small job? Just mention it to us while we’re on the premises, give us a call, or enter the request into your personal online client portal and we’ll get on it. And it won’t cost you like hiring outside commercial painting contractors would. We can also include simple touch-ups in our regular service agreement. Then you won’t have to wait for your landlord to get to it or listen to your tenants complain. When we identify an area that could use a quick touch-up, we just do it. And not just for the interior. We can provide touch-up services for the outside of your commercial property as well.

The fact is, marks on walls, peeling paint or just plain dirty areas around light switches and doorways can make an otherwise clean area look bad. This doesn’t mean the entire room needs a new coat of paint, but usually just requires a quick “touch-up”. Forget about having to schedule a commercial painting company to come out and give you an over-priced quote. Why? Because YES, we do that too! And when included as part of our regular services, it won’t cost nearly as much as going to an outside painting company. Try it and be impressed by how much nicer your area looks. It’s the little things that can really make a difference.

Accent Walls

Are you going through a company re-brand or maybe just ready to add a little colorful excitement to an area? We got you. We can help spice up an area with an accent wall on a moment’s notice. And if you need some assistance selecting colors or other interior ideas, we do that too. We offer our expertise in finding the right color that makes most sense for the space being painted. Of course we can also color match wherever you need it. So maybe you really love the color of your blouse in the closet and believe it would be a perfect highlight to your entryway. We’ll match it for you. It’s all part of our commitment to you. We are here for all your needs.

Interior Commercial Painters

Our expert commercial painting department is here for all your painting needs, both interior and exterior. We do a lot of interior painting for TI (tenant improvements) or after a move-out, when preparing an office for showing. Our professional painting services are affordable and professional. We can also move furniture if desired and put everything back when completed. Walls in high-traffic businesses such as restaurants and storefronts, employee break rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and sitting areas, become filthy much faster than typical office spaces. Therefore, we can set up a regular painting regimen, to keep it fresh and new-looking, year-in and year-out. Talk to us about your needs and let’s work together to maintain the beauty of your business.

Exterior Painting Service

Is your office building starting to look a bit tired, faded, outdated or just plain dirty on the outside? We have that covered for you as well. And if you aren’t sure what color is appropriate, our experts can help with that too. Our motto is, if a surface can be painted, we can do it. It’s our “can-do” attitude that makes us such a valuable partner.

Arizona, Nevada and San Diego’s harsh sun rays, extreme heat, salts, dust storms and monsoons take a toll on exterior painted surfaces very quickly. That means it’s important to use the right quality of paint to withstand these elements to protect your investment. It also means you should be careful who you trust to do it right. For example, do you realize how important it is to pressure wash the surface before painting it to prevent peeling? It’s things like this that make a real difference. We are professional, commercial painters with the right equipment and experience to do the job right, the first time. And because we want you to be completely satisfied with our work, we back our commercial painting services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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So give us a call and let us quote your next commercial painting project and learn more about how we can help you create a more professional appearance for your business. Let’s make your commercial building beautiful, together.

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