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Disinfection & Sanitization Services

We recommend our electrostatic disinfection services to a lot of customers in addition to our regular cleaning services during the flu and cold season. After all, your customers and employees are the heart of your business, and you want to do everything you can to take care of them and keep them healthy and productive. That's why CBS offers electrostatic disinfection services. We provide cleaning and disinfecting services for your facility when there is a concern of contagiousness, or as routine maintenance to provide peace of mind and keep bacteria, germs and viruses eliminated as much as possible.

Electrostatic Disinfection Equipment

We use electrostatic equipment to disinfect surfaces throughout your building. This technology has been proven effective over the years and provides a high-level of sanitization, making sure your business is as safe and clean as possible for your employees and customers.

How It Works

The area must first be cleaned of any dirt and debris. And yes, we do the cleaning too. After proper cleaning, a disinfectant is then delivered through a sprayer that electrically charges the disinfectant to make sure it attracts itself to surfaces and disinfects them. Electrostatic sprayers can provide more complete coverage due to the technology they incorporate. A liquid antibacterial solution is turned into a positively charged aerosol mist, much like a dry fog, that delivers tiny droplets into the air. These droplets are up to 900 times smaller than what comes out of a typical spray bottle. The electromagnetically charged fog then surrounds objects and attaches itself to surfaces on all sides, not only covering high-touch surfaces like light switches, but getting into deep nooks and crannies that can’t be reached otherwise. Even coverage is almost guaranteed since these droplets have a positive charge, they will not attract to each other, and will repel each other, seeking out contact with surfaces not already covered in the mist.

After spraying, we use ADP Testing to ensure complete disinfection of all areas identified for disinfecting. The ADP testing is done by taking a swab test of the surface area both before and after disinfecting. The test measures how many viruses or bacteria are on the surface and quantifies them to confirm proper disinfection.


Although we cannot guarantee that all surfaces in the space will be 100% devoid of any germ or virus, the electrostatic disinfection is perhaps the most effective, most recommended, and most popular system in use throughout the United States. It’s also very cost-effective. This disinfecting technology is often used in hospitals and other sanitation-sensitive environments to ensure that all surfaces are properly disinfected. However, electrostatic sprayers can be used in any setting where sanitation is a concern, such as schools, restaurants, and office buildings. When used correctly, electrostatic sprayers can help to ensure that not only high-touch surfaces, but all surfaces are properly sanitized and disinfected.

Disinfectant Safety

The disinfectants used in our electrostatic equipment are non-toxic and approved by the EPA for fighting against the virus that causes COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as well as other common flu and cold viruses, salmonella, E. coli, listeria, streptococcus and 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Although safe to use, even in food processing facilities, our team wears appropriate PPE when in the process of spraying and we do not recommend entering a previously sprayed area until all the mist has settled and has dried on all surfaces. This ensures it has had enough time to do its job before being disturbed. After that, the area is as germ-free as possible and is completely safe to enter and use.

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